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Email Is Now the Preferred Way ALISON Communicates with Groups and Members

The ALISON Board has decided that the preferred method of communications with Groups and Members in Nassau County will be by email and this web site. This will save money on postage and printing and make it possible to communicate information to the Groups and Members more frequently and in a more timely manner.

In order to accomplish this, we are requesting that each Group create an official Group Email and appoint someone to regularly, about once each week, check that Email and bring it to their Group. Groups are free to make this an additional Service Position or to have someone, such as the Secretary, handle this function. ALISON only needs to know the Email address you set up and your Group Name. Here are instructions for how to do this: Group Email Instructions.

Here is the GR1 Form mentioned in the above instructions. It is a PDF that you can edit and save. Here are some instructions for filling out that form: GR1 Instructions.

Some Additional Instructions:  In order to fill out the form by editing it, you must first download it and save it on your computer. Then open the file you just saved and you will be able to edit it. Email the form to WSO and the Assembly by attaching it to each Email. The Email addresses for the Assembly and WSO are in the Group Email Instructions. ALISON does NOT need the GR-1 form; you may just Email the Webmaster WebMaster@AlisonNY.org your Email address and Group Name.

Individual Members may also sign up to receive Emails from ALISON. Just Email your personal Email your to the Webmaster using the Email address that you want to use and indicate in the Subject that you want to get on the Email list.

ALISON Telephone Instructions

This is the most current instructions for retrieving and responding to messages that come into the ALISON telephone number Telephone Instructions

Donation Form

When sending a donation to ALISON, we request that you use this form so that your contribution can be tracked and acknowledged. Donation Form

ALISON Board and Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Minutes From Oct 14, 2016

Board Minutes From Nov 1, 2016

Board Minutes From Jan 10, 2017

Quarterly Minutes From Jan 10, 2017

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Board Minutes From March 7, 2017

Quarterly Minutes From April 18, 2017

Board Minutes From April 18, 2017

Board Minutes From May 2, 2017

Board Minutes From June 6, 2017

Quarterly Minutes From July 11, 2017

Board Minutes From July 11, 2017

Board Minutes From August 1, 2017

Board Minutes From September 5, 2017


Here is an old Forum Magazine article one of the ALISON board members came across.
We thought it would be nice to share it with the membership. Click here for the article on "Crosstalk".


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We'd like to hear from you. What would you like to see in the Members Area? Please send us your ideas. Email the Webmaster at: webmaster@AlisonNY.org.


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